Hello Friends!

Spring break day 2 was filled with even more Disney… Now before I get started I grew up with Disney being a major part of my life, my opinion and experience may be different from others.

Sunday we went to Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studio’s and Epcot, I will explain later how we went through these three in one day. We arrived at Animal Kingdom about a half hour before it opened to get our non-expiring tickets switched over once again and didn’t wait very long. Our first stop was The Bugs Life show and then we went to the Lion King show immediately after, both shows were amazing and better than I remember (highly recommend). We also did the safari ride and got to see a lot of animals up close, the line for this adventure was at least an hour and a half (I recommend getting fast passes to avoid wait times.) There are other trails and shows at Animal Kingdom but there is a lot shut down due to Avatar getting ready to open soon. 

Our next stop was Hollywood Studio’s, this was the disappointing part of my trip. I did expect some aspects of the park to change but not as much as it had, A majority of the park was closed down or had been changed to Star Wars. Star Wars has blown up and become a fan favorite but for me I am not a Star Wars fan and neither is my boyfriend.  The few things left that are not Star Wars include; Beauty and the Beast, Indiana Jones, Ariel’s Adventure and Rocking Rollercoaster. The shows were actually either full or times between shows were like 2 to 3 hours, we tried going to a different show if the other was full but by the time we would get there it was closed or full. We did get fast passes for Rocking Rollercoaster which I highly suggest getting fast passes for (Wait time was 2 hours).  This leads into why I will not be sharing our third day in Florida. Last time I went on this ride I didn’t have glasses and my right eye was not as sensitive as it has become. I was not allowed to wear my glasses which I understand, but the lights and speed combined with my sensitive eyes made me feel sick and really uncomfortable. 

We decided to head over to Epcot to see if that could redeem our poor experience…..We spent maybe an hour or two there before my head and stomach made it impossible to enjoy the Epcot experience.

I am in no way bashing Disney, my experience and opinion is different from other’s and there was much more that had happened to me personally that day that I am not going to share. I love Disney and understand that change is inevitable and we have to accept the changes. I will say I am glad we had fast passes because of Hollywood Studios being half-shut down, I noticed and heard a lot of people complaining that it was a waste of their money…. tickets are not cheap and I am blessed to have had the tickets I had and got the chance to go to multiple parks multiple days.

We got home around 7pm and I immediately went to bed and didn’t wake up till about 14 hours later.(I was extremely sick the third day and slept the entire day).

Stay tuned to continue our adventure….

With Love

Allison McKensey