I Have A Secret…

I have a secret
I have a secret that very few know
I have a secret that scratches at my skin
I have a secret that begs to be let out
I have a secret that could destroy my whole world
I have a secret that burns at the back of my throat

My secret pull’s and rips at my skin
My secret cries for help
My secret keeps me up at night with fear
My secret forces my eyes to swell with tears
My secret scrambles all my thoughts confusing me
My secret distracts me from the success I am trying to achieve

This secret wants so badly to be let free
This secret makes me look forward to the day I can finally breathe
This secret has made me hate you more and more each day
This secret keeps me from the seeing the one’s I love
This secret holds me back from who I want to be

Dear secret I wont let you control my life the way you have for a year
Dear secret I will continue to fight your urges every single day
Dear secret I am taking the steps to move on from the pain you have caused
Dear secret I will not let you destroy the relationships with the one’s I love
Dear secret I am not letting you out until I am ready
Dear secret I am not defined by your power

Dear me love yourself
Dear me care for yourself
Dear me love those around you
Dear me remember there are people who are supporting you
Dear me you are stronger than you may think
Dear me you will succeed in whatever you may do
Dear me you are worthy

With love,

ALlison McKensey