Hello Friends ,

I am introducing a new category of posts called influential people, this category will consist of those who are most important to me. I thought it only best to start out with one of the men at the top of my list William Jackman.


A few fun facts

  • Modern Day Santa
    • He would build doll houses, elves and sleds and give them to nurses at the hospital he went to as well as patients.
  • Born on the Fourth of July
    • Convinced us that the parades and fireworks were for his birthday.
  • Loved to travel
    • Went on a road trip to North Carolina with my mom, sister and grandpa.

Grandpa bill, one of my three grandparents who impacted my life was an artist, he taught me everything I know about drawing, painting and passion. As a child all of my memories of him were spent at a table drawing or creating some piece of art. In his passing there was only one thing that I wanted, I asked for all of his art supplies and sketchbooks. I didn’t care about the movies, books, home decor or pictures. Rather I wanted something that we had made memories from, I received every item of art supplies he had.

Everyone who knew him always had a smile across their face when his name was mentioned, he was said to only bring joy to everyone around him. I have only seen him angry two times throughout the years I knew him. Those times were justified because he was protecting the two youngest granddaughters who he loved unconditionally. He was the type of grandpa who would do his best to make it to every single dance recital or concert, he never missed an event that meant the world to my sister and I even when he was ill.

I was quite lucky to have known him in his healthy days when I was a young child, when he got sick I didn’t completely understand what was happening but I knew enough. As time went on he changed, he was not the grandpa I grew up with. He started to lose the light in his eyes, became less joyful and was very tired. Let me tell you my grandpa was a fighter and fought for years to stay in our lives as long as possible.

I still remember the night before he passed away as if it was yesterday, I was at my sisters band concert with my dad and my mom arrived late. She had been with my grandpa all day, he was ready to let go. My sister and I begged to go see him that night, we waited and waited to go see him individually to say our goodbyes. That was one of the hardest nights of my life, the next morning Dec 10 2013 he passed away.

To this day my grandpa inspires me to work hard, be passionate and love everyone around me. I would be on a much different path today if I didn’t have the blessing of having him in my life. I am thankful for the 17 years I knew him and the lessons he taught me.

He is only one person who impacted my life and I look forward to sharing the many influential  men and women around me.

With Love,

Allison Mckensey