Hello Friends,

It took me till now to realize that you may not know much about me, I cant help but smile because I knew something was missing from my blog. Below you will find fifteen facts  that describe my personality and what makes me… me! So without further a due this is Who I Am

  1. I am a 20 something young women in college
    1. I will be graduating around 2017 or 2018
  2. Relationships are important to me
    1. My family (mom, dad, sister and dog) mean the world to me and are my main support system.
    2. My boyfriend Alex keeps my head on straight and loves me for who I am despite my “flaws”
    3. His family gives me support and loves me as if I am their own child
  3. I live on a daily basis with Anxiety and Depression
    1. I am strong and am learning how to take care of myself and my happiness
  4. I am a dancer and choreographer
    1. I have been dancing since I was 3 years old and choreographed two dances for my first time in 2016.
  5. I love to read
    1. any type of book will do (even history)
    2. The Diary Of Anne Frank is one of my favorites
  6. I love learning
    1. Particularly graphic design and printing processes
      1. I am majoring in Cross-Media Graphics Management
  7. I come from a family with a passion for music
    1. I play the guitar and violin
    2. my dad and sister play the guitar as well
  8. I got my passion for art from my grandfather
    1. He taught me how to draw and paint
  9. I am not a very good cook
    1. I am learning how to cook slowly with the help of Alex
  10. I am allergic to Monosodium Glutamate and Soy Letcithin
    1. Commonly known as MSG
    2. A preservative found in almost any packaged food and a lot of Chinese food
  11. My right eye is always dilated
    1. I have glasses to help and need to wear sunglasses in the morning being that eye is more sensitive to light.
  12. I am all for watching Netflix all day
    1. when I am sick or do not have any pressing assignments or responsibilities
  13. My celebrity crush is Shemar Moore
    1. Morgan from criminal minds if you don’t know him
    2. Yes my boyfriend knows and we joke about it
  14. I have a really bad habit of biting my nails
    1. nail polish or fake nails keep me from doing this and they have grown out quite nice.
  15. I have an obsession with Disney
    1. yes its healthy!
    2. I grew up with Disney and live by Walt’s hard work and positivity
    3. I would say I am most like Belle from Beauty and the Beast

So there you have it, this is only a little about me and there is much more that you will learn through my posts.

With Love,

Allison McKensey