Hello Friends,

There are so many positive events that are coming at me so fast these next few months. I cant wait to share them with you and hopefully you will love following my journey the next few months too!

March is when my spring break is scheduled and I have not taken a trip for a good three years over spring break. I have been telling my family for those past three years that I am going to go to Florida and spend time with my grandpa. Finally after three years of saying that my boyfriend and I are making the trip to Florida, along with that trip my parents pulled out our old lifetime passes. What I mean by lifetime passes is that the unused days do not expire and can be used whenever! I am super excited for this trip and will be documenting this adventure with my boyfriend.

In May I will be finishing my second semester of my Junior/Senior year of college and hopefully going off to an internship. Along with finishing the semester and the possible internship I will be moving out of the house I have called home for almost a year. I have learned a lot about living on my own and not living in the dorms, it is a lot harder than I expected it would be.

June is by far my favorite upcoming month, a few months ago my boyfriend Alex and I signed a lease for a really nice apartment close to campus. We didn’t think that we would be able to get into this apartment and when we were offered the opportunity we jumped at it. We are able to move into this apartment in the beginning of June, thanks to all our family and friends we are completely set with the necessities (cooking supplies, furniture, etc.)

These are only a few of the exciting adventures I can look forward to, I can’t wait to film and include you in the experiences!

With Love,

Allison McKensey