Hello Friends,

So I absolutely dislike the thought of actually working out, I struggle with the motivation as well as the process. I am fine when it comes to dancing but weight lifting, push ups and running, I struggle. One of my 2017 goals is to become healthier and lose weight, in doing that I would like to build my strength and motivation for working out.  My goals and routine will be towards the bottom of this post!

I don’t really have the time or money to go to the gym so I utilize the supplies I already have like my phone and yoga mat. I found that for myself having a voice encouraging me/telling me what to do or a countdown increases my motivation to workout. After a lot of trial and error I found an application on the apple app store called SWORKIT. (This is an application I found on my own, I am not getting paid or sponsored to review this product)

img_1531 Sworkit is a free application with the option to go premium and get access to even more workout plans.

Why does it work for me?

  • Set personal goals
  • Videos to exercise along with
  • Vocal countdown and cues
  • 3 Customizable workouts
  • Choice in length of workout
  • Tracks and reminds you about workouts


One of the features I love about this application is that it has four major categories you can select from. (Strength, Cardio, Yoga and Stretching)

img_1532 Strength 

  • Full body
  • Upper body
  • Core strength
  • Lower Body


  • Light warm up cardio
  • Full intensity cardio
  • Plyometrics jump cardio
  • Boot camp inspired


  • Yoga sun salutation
  • Everyday feel good yoga
  • Yoga for runners
  • Pilates


  • Head to toe warm up
  • Full body stretch
  • Standing only stretch
  • Back strengthening


My personal routine/goals


15 to 3o min a day at least

75 min a week


  1. 10-15 min  Full Body Stretch
  2. 20-25 min Strength or Cardio Workout
  3. 10-15 min Back Strengthening Stretch

Extra Routine

  1. 5-10 min Full Body Stretch
  2. 15-20 min Everyday Feel Good Yoga
  3. 5-10 min Back Strengthening Stretch

I always end with the back strengthening stretch because I do have a lot of lower back problems and making sure I stretch that area is important to reduce the pain. 

What works for me may not be what works for you but, I found this to be the best option to motivate me in my weight loss journey.

With Love,

Allison McKensey