Hello friends!

I have been asked a lot of the past two years why I decided to quite the apparel design program at the college I attend. For those of you who don’t know, the reason that I chose this college is for the program and size.

In high school I had a passion for sewing, designing as well as fashion in general. I actually had the chance to intern with a wedding dress designer alongside students from the college I currently attend. This also impacted the decision to choose the program as well as the campus. Along with interning I participated in a program called Minnesota Design Diaries where I worked alongside designers who mentored and helped me design and construct a dress.

img_1492As a senior in an arts magnet high school I was given a capstone project, I decided to construct a two piece dress completely out of magazine pages and tulle. News outlets caught word of my project and featured it online and on tv as well. A photographer in my area reached out to me and took professional pictures of my sister in the dress. In total it took me seven to eight months to design and construct.




I had a lot of passion for fashion in high school and hoped to make a career out of it, I was wrong. As soon as I started my apparel classes I became overwhelmed and unhappy with apparel. It became about just finishing the project to get a good grade rather than learning or enjoying the process. I fell in love with graphic design, printing and marketing on the side of my studies and this became my new passion. I still love fashion but am not passionate about it or making it a career for myself. That next semester I switched to my current major,Cross-Media Graphics Management. I am constantly learning something new whether it has to do with printing processes or graphic design.

Struggling with apparel design my first semester was a blessing in disguise, I wouldn’t have found a love for the printing industry.

I have a lot of respect towards those who continued on with the apparel program. It was and is a very difficult program and I was not prepared or cut out for it.

If you would like to know more or have questions about Cross-Media Graphics Management let me know in the comments below.

With Love,

Allison McKensey