Hello Friends,

I have grown to absolutely dislike backpacks, this could be from already having back pain or the fact that they can be so large. I was given this large bag that I have fallen in love with and fits everything I need.

The largest item I carry in my bag is my laptop, a majority of my assignments are available through platforms on my laptop and needed in almost all of my classes. The bag actually has a slot for my laptop and charger.

Along with my laptop I have my planner and a single notebook to help keep my schedule and notes in order. My planner was created, printed and bound by myself for an assignment this past semester.

I also carry a small pencil pouch that holds mainly a few pencils as well as fine point sharpie pens. I prefer writing with the pens for a smoother look and the fact it is easier to read.

The size of the bag allows me to be able to bring a small blender bottle or mug with me wherever I go. I usually only drink water or iced/hot tea in small amounts at a time, I just have to make sure the lids are on tight enough.

The last items I include in my bag are my phone and charger, I am usually on campus all day and need to make sure my battery  is charged in case of emergencies as well as to keep in contact with family, friends, my boyfriend, professors or fellow students.

This is only one of my bags that I use, I have others for going out on the town that are smaller. What do you carry in your bag?

With Love,

Allison McKensey