Good morning friends!

Being a college student I like to get as much rest as possible before going off  to work or school, that being said my morning routine is quite simple compared to my night routine which is quite complex.

Depending on my schedule for the day I wake up around 7 am or 8 am during weekdays and 9 on weekends.


  • Wake-up 7-8 am
  • Wash face
  • Apply acne topical
  • Moisturize face with lotion
    • The topical creams that I use on a daily dry’s out my face, I can’t leave the house without using my lotion or I feel itchy and disgusting all day
  • Brush my teeth using sensodyn toothpaste
    • This year my teeth have gotten really sensitive teeth and I found that this helps immensely
  • Take any medication
  • Hair routine
    • I honestly either spray my hair with water or undo the braids that I put in the night before. I have naturally curly hair some days I can walk out the door with hardly doing anything
  • Make-Up (Only if I have time)
    • I will do a separate blog post on the products I use.
  • throw on an outfit and leave the house
    • I don’t have much time in the mornings so I really have to either wake up early or be quick with my routine.


  • Wake up between 8 and 9 am
  • Browse Social Media
  • Workout
    • There will be a seprate blog post about my routine
  • Wash Face
  • Apply Face mask
    • either charcoal or dead sea mask
    • Leave for 7-15 min
    • Wash off with warm water
  • Apply Topical
  • Moisturize with lotion
    • Dry face from topical creams
  • Eat Breakfast
    • one of these choices
      • eggs
      • Fruit
      • Pancakes
      • Cereal
  • Brush my teeth using sensodyn toothpaste
  • Hair routine depending on events
  • May or May not do make-up depending on plans
  • Throw on an outfit depending on my plans for the day.


Hope you enjoyed a quick insight to my morning! If you would like to learn more I could also possibly post a video of my routines!

Have a Great Day!

Allison McKensey